Our mission is to connect the world of reinsurance wholesale insurance

Reinsurance was launched in 1969, making it the oldest existing publication dedicated to the world of P&C reinsurance, specialty and wholesale insurance.

While we have tradition and a rich pedigree on our side, we are also unique in being the only genuine multi-media publication for the industry. For example, our interviews with the leading thinkers and rainmakers of the industry can be read on your mobile phone, printed in one of our daily conference editions or watched via our televised website.

Our new mission is simple: to connect the world of reinsurance and wholesale insurance. In practice, this means providing trusted news, option and comment from the finest minds in the industry and in all forms of media, including audio-visual and digital.

Reinsurance magazine is published by World Business Media Ltd (WBM Ltd), an independent London-based information company specialising in (re)insurance. 

In July 2017, WBM Ltd received a major capital injection as part of an exciting new investment into the business and its brands and Reinsurance Magazine was relaunched in September 2017

Please contact either Peter Hastie or Jonathan Trinder for information or ideas on how Reinsurance can partner with your business to communicate to the London and global (re)insurance markets. Join us...we are going places...

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